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5 Benefits of Choosing C-Automation for Subsea Control Equipment

Written by Welcome on February 21, 2017

Whether your company works with fully submerged ocean equipment or is in an industry that need offshore technology, it is essential to have high-quality equipment. Well-crafted and maintained subsea control equipment can help protect the both property and employees, as well as the environment around them. If you’re looking for a company to provide you […]

Off-the-Shelf Solutions or Custom Design: Which Is Better for You?

Written by Welcome on February 14, 2017

When you are outfitting a rig with subsea control equipment, there are a few different options for your equipment purchases. While you can painstakingly spec out exactly what you believe you need and design the system from scratch, there might be a better option for you. What if instead you could buy turn-key solutions, like […]